What we do

Research & E Commerce Strategy

Our professionals in Finance, Accounting, Programming, Research and Software Analytics will provide you a range of strategy and technology solutions for your e-commerce business.

Software Development

We make the best software for businesses and organizations. The software we make are cross-platform, secure, fast, user friendly and industry specific. We can also make them web based and available for mobile phones.

Website Development

We make the best e-commerce websites that are secure and easy to use. All our websites are made ethically using WC3 standards and have future proof designs. They are also mobile rand tablet friendly.


Get a website from KSh. 12,320

Who we are

We are an IT solutions company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team is composed of creative designers, experienced developers and professionals in Finance, Accounting, research and Marketing who are highly experienced in their fields so that we give you a wholesome e-commerce solution.

We are ready to work with you today, regardless the sector you are in or the size of your business/ idea.
Our aim is to enable you to focus on your core business as we make you more profitable and efficient by giving you the best technology so that you have a competitive edge and automated operations.

This is why we are the best option when it comes to e-commerce. We do not stop until you achieve your business goals through e-commerce.

What our clients say

Thank you for the free website that you made for us. We can now tell the whole world what we do.

Jane Otieno Director, Rafiki Homes Foundation

Thanks for the website, had the best experience with constant communication.

Victor Otieno CEO, McKnights Logistics

The work that you have done is great and the ideas that you brought to our company are revolutionary. You are the ultimate partner in I.C.T.

Kaara Wainaina Kaara Wainaina

You bring health and IT together and that’s a good thing because health services become seamless.

Dr Rose Sajabi Manager, Starose Opticians