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5 Signs That You Need A New Development Partner

You feel like you are waiting weeks to get anything, and when you do, it’s not right.

Your wish list for the peak season just keeps piling up. Opportunity costs are mounting.

Your pages load too slowly and you don’t know why. Your conversion rate is too low.

You are underutilizing your technology and its native tools. Too many manual workarounds.

You are behind on security patches and updates, so the site might get hacked.

Proficient ICT Can Fix It, That's What We'll Do. We Solve ICT.

Proficient I.C.T. launched more C.M.S websites and mobile apps than anyone, and has more certified web developers than any company in Nairobi. With millions of shillings of your revenue on the line, you need experience – plain and simple.

With monthly plans for nearly any level, Proficient I.C.T can stabilize and support your website and mobile app so that you can do what you do best – drive revenue. Stop bleeding money and start showing ROI. As an Enterprise Partner known for their quality of work, you can put your trust in a highly organized team of PMs, UXs, developers, QAs and designers to get the results you need. Give us a call, and learn the secret sauce behind how we have achieved these results for our clients.

Most issues resolved or assigned in 1 business day.24/7 support available.

Dedicated Site Ops managers know your site. Over 10 Certified pros on staff daily.

Ticket tracking, experienced management and status updates keep things organized and moving.

Commitments starting as low as 10h/mo. Pick one that works for you. If we create your ICT framework, we will support it for free for 12 months.

Stability and Support

Security, debugging and patches.

Fast Development Teams

  • Hit your deadlines
  • Plow through to-do lists
  • Broad experience in Technology
  • Great QA and deployment

System Migrations

  • CMS Migrations
  • Post CMS launch support
  • Blended CMS migrations to your software


  • Popular CRMs
  • Over 36 ERPs
  • Multiple POS systems
  • API Integrations with any CMS

Security Updates

  • Security Patches
  • PCI Compliance Scanning
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Fraud and Loss Consulting

Website Management Training

  • Refreshers on Functionality
  • Train new Teammates on Magento
  • Training Included with Quotes

Optimizing Your Site

Speed, conversions and revenue.

Increased Performance

  • Boost WordPress Pageload Speed
  • Increase Caching and Cache Warmers
  • Traffic Spike/Event Prep
  • Optimize Crons, Calls, Scripts and More
  • Upgrades and Updates to Leverage Gains

Conversion Optimization

  • Increase Sales Across Devices
  • Drive Revenue by Channel
  • Reexamine Sales Funnels
  • Modifications to Checkout Processes

User Experience Enhancements

  • Find Out Where Users Get Stuck
  • Understand User Site Search
  • Navigation and Taxonomy Changes
  • Reconsider Product Displays & Selectors

Government Site Compliance

  • Get PCI Compliant
  • Understand HIPPA
  • FFLs for Special Industries
  • Unique Cases and Complexities

Maximize Process Workflows

  • Order Management Systems (OMS)
  • Back Office Data Flows
  • Fulfillment Automation Recommendations